Sabin Filip


I always loved challenges and projects that require creativity and originality. Trying to be compliant with the present and using reachable materials, I want to suggest the idea of a product that communicates and brings up hidden emotions…. And that’s because our day by day life, dominated by technology, takes all of our thoughts and feelings, in our crazy rush for the perfect profile pcture. I just want to ‘boost” people, to remind them that art is actually part of the quotidian and it can be discovered by anyone, in the most unexpected places and forms.



Born in 1976 in Romania, Sabin Filip is an artist living and working in San Francisco Bay.  He got his degree in Art History, at University of Arts Bucharest, in 2003. Sabin’s work can be found in public and private art collections in the United States and abroad, and his name was part of few personal and group exhibitions in Europe and USA.


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